Cain and the Nephilim



Robert ‘Bowie’ Johnson Jr. writes to John R. Salverda:


As to so-called fallen angels/nephilim in Genesis 6, you must have the concordant translation. Accurate translations means everything in these passages as it does in all the rest of Scripture.

“. . .and taking are they for themselves wives of all whom they choose” (v. 2) refers to the men in the line of Seth taking women from the line of Cain. The Greeks depicted this on the south side of the Parthenon and on the west pediment of the temple of Zeus as Kentaurs (Seth-men) taking the Cain women. The Cain women maintained their idolatry and corrupted the families of the line of Seth leading to the Flood. I have a chapter on that in “The Parthenon Code” and some more detail in the DVD “The Serpent’s Side of Eden.”

Ignoring the truth of the Scriptures, and exalting their vain reasonings, academics have concluded that they are descended from reptiles and worms through chance copying errors in their reproductive genes. They are too dull to even wonder where the copying originates. Having such an intellectually debased and spiritually degenerate view of their own origins, why should we expect them to have any real understanding of ancient art?

We don’t get to the truth by reasoning, but by God’s revelation.

I pray that every deluded member of academia will receive from our Creator “a spirit of wisdom and revelation (apo-kalupsis = uncovering) in the realization of God, the eyes of their heart having been enlightened . . .” (Ephesians 1:17). You may enjoy



John R. Salverda replies:

Dear Bob,


I do like some of your theories. For instance, you have associated Cain with the Centaurs.


I find this to be an especially inspired connection, for Cain is like Ixion, in that the Greeks make Ixion out to be the very first person ever to kill one of his own relatives; “the hero who, not without guile, was the first to stain mortal men with kindred blood” (Pindar “Pythian Ode” 2.33). He was said to have mated with Nephele (Nephilim) and fathered the race of the Centaurs upon her. This speculation has a lot going for it; the Greek “X” sounded much like the hard “C” in the name Cain, they each were the first to murder kin, and the “cloud” Nephele is a lot like the “shades” Nephilim who engender a mixed race of monsters upon the Earth. So perhaps we can see eye to eye on some things.


For full discussion, see:


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