Plato’s Atlantis was the Antediluvian World: John R. Salverda



Then there was the story of that previous civilization on the Earth, from which our modern culture sprang, which was destroyed, engulfed, in a great aqueous catastrophe. This previous civilization, called, “Atlantis,” was named after Atlas, he was said to be their first king, and the flood which engulfed the place, is still known as the “Atlantic” Ocean. We learn the story of Atlantis from the Greek Plato, who explains why these ancient People were drowned away back then. He says that at first, their race was pure, but they earned their destruction because they had a racial fall, and had degenerated through mortal admixture. And that was that for Plato’s Atlantean civilization. So it was much like the Bible’s antediluvian civilization, where Adam’s daughters, bred with the giants, and this caused racial impurities, (His Spirit could not “strive with men indefinitely,”) precursing the intolerable state which lead to Yahweh’s flood.

Atlas was cursed, just as Adam, to expect a certain “son” who could be described as nothing less than “messianic.” Here’s Ovid on the subject; “There dwelt huge Atlas, vaster than the race of man: son of Iapetus, his lordly sway extended over those extreme domains, … Aglint with gold bright leaves adorn the trees,—boughs golden-wrought bear apples of pure gold. … But Atlas, mindful of an oracle since by Themis, the Parnassian, told, recalled these words, “O Atlas! mark the day a son of Jupiter shall come to spoil; for when thy trees been stripped of golden fruit, the glory shall be his.” Fearful of this, Atlas had built solid walls around his orchard, and secured a dragon, huge, that kept perpetual guard, and thence expelled all strangers from his land.” (Ovid, “Metmorhoses” Book 4. 8. 631-661 ff.). A “son of god” (Herakles) did come and in order to pluck from the tree he had to destroy the serpent.

The wife of Atlas “Hesperus” was named after the sun setting, the “Evening,” or as we know it better by its common clipped form the “Eve” (The origin for this English term in defining the sun setting is lost to dim antiquity and I personally do not think that it is a mere coincidence.). Actually, according to Diodorus, the land was named after his wife, not the daughters; “Now Hesperos (Evening) begat a daughter named Hesperis (Evening), who he gave in marriage to his brother (Atlas) and after whom the land was given the name Hesperitis; and Atlas begat by her seven daughters, who were named after their father Atlantides, and after their mother Hesperides.” (Diodorus Siculus, “Library of History” 4. 26. 2). Why were the daughters of Hesperus often the ones who were blamed for picking the fruit? I’m not sure, but perhaps it was a way to show the generational consequences for the act of committing the Original Sin. The term “Hesperides” may have carried an original meaning that was equivalent to the term “Daughters of Eve” indicating womankind in general.


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