Convergence of Biblical Genesis and Egyptian Creation Accounts


My new book: The Messianic Temple: Genesis at Edfu

The Earliest Egyptian creation stories are not just similar to the book of Genesis, they are the same; in time they became convoluted, conflated and disconnected from their ancient past. Taking the Bible at its word, my research revealed some astonishing facts concerning the Egyptian Zep Tepi, or creation story. Did you know it contains the story of Adam and Eve? They are called Wa and Aa and were led out of the Djeba domain (Paradise) to the Wetjeset-Neter domain (Our Reality) because of the snake, the Great Leaping One. It also states the world was destroyed by a global flood and when the primeval waters receded, the Shebtiw (Noah’s family) began rebuilding the world. It doesn’t end there; there are more perfect parallels to the creation stories in Genesis and Early Jewish Writings.

This book will challenge your basic belief of what truly happened in the ancient beginnings of Egypt. I am convinced the ancient Egyptians are the progeny of Shem and Ham, Noah’s sons. I do not pretend to understand how it played out, but I am convinced of the core of Truth in this Biblical story. Did you know scientific research of mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome shows a drastic reduction of life and then another repopulation thousands of years ago? Some scientists believe a catastrophic event at this time was responsible for this drastic reduction in mankind, referred to as a Bottleneck. A Molecular Biology and Evolution paper suggested the human population was reduced to 2,000 people. A drastic reduction of people is exactly what the Bible explains in Genesis chapters 6-9. If the story of Noah is true then everything was submerged in water for a year which contaminated all artifacts and accounts for the wild inaccuracies of carbon dating.


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