Oedipus Legend Taken from Biblical History of Ahab and Jezebel



A U.S. correspondent writes:


OK I so am getting this [fusing of Oedipus myth with the biblical story]

but why no mention of AHab with the swollen legs or the mother-marrying thing or the sphinx

and why no mention of the Akhenaton taking the neighbprs field after murdering him

r o building a new city on the river etc…

these are contemporaries or prixies of not co-identical – amazing

but you do say coincidentical

and I would like to explore that further – will full underpinning if it is indeed so …

and what of riblah and ramot gil’ad?



Damien Mackey replies:

Yeah, but was it really Ahab with the feet problem or his contemporary, Amenhotep III, as Asa of Judah, who we know DID have an (Oedipal) feet problem?

Don’t forget that the Greek version is literary-tragic and may be an inaccurate appropriation of a true Ancient Near Eastern original, meaning that the Greeks could have merged Amenhotep III and IV as one, for instance – III with the feet problem and IV marrying his mother Tiy, who I think was Nefertiti. See e.g:

“Queen Jezebel’s Seal Has Egyptian Motifs”


Queen Tiy is the first, I think, to have been represented as a vicious sphinx (with breasts), and Neferti-tiye is also represented as a sphinx.

Ahab was also Pelops for the Greeks. See: “Pelops as King Ahab”:


Naboth, I reckon, was a king of Israel. See my “Was Naboth a King of Israel?”


For the Greeks, Naboth was Oenamus and also Stymphalus. See: Biblical Naboth as Oenomaus, as Stymphalus


Something more for you to think about.




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